Out of the restoration in our own lives, we can build in others. we can build a good foundationof life.The caterpillar becomes a butterfly.


This shows two aspects of Jesus: the innocent Lamb of God who died for us, but also the victor, the Lion of Judah.Through Jesus, God made a covenant with us, which is symbolized by the rainbow. The Lamb sits in green, representing the earth He came to, and the Lion has as his background the rainbow/sky, signifying Jesus' reign as the Lion of Judah.


Heaven meets earth. And it's like a wedding.


This piece tells the story of Psalm 84:4a "(Even the sparrow finds a home.....") and 1 Peter 5:& "(Cast all your anxieties on Him, for He cares about you")It illustrates how God takes care: the leaves, which are like a house for the sparrow and the berries which are his food. The raindrops supply water.I painted this for my mother towards the end of her life, when she was bedridden. She could look at it each day and reflect on how God took care of her in every way.


This piece shows the process of coming into destiny. In the beginning life is contained in the bud and is still somewhat hidden. But as the process progresses, there is growth and the rose (life) comes more and more into the light.The rose also shows how God sees us: as beautiful flowers.The raindrops speak of the rain of God's blessing, His Spirit, which is necessary for growth and life.


These two paintings are based on two verses in Song of Solomon. (2:2 and 3) Each canvas has includes these verses and the verses are also apparent when the separate paintings ate put together.Verse 3 is the core text of the painting on the left ("As an apple tree among the trees in the wood, so is my beloved among young men."), which is illustrated by the big apple in the center of the painting.The canvas on the right has verse two as its core text. ("As a daffodil among brambles, so is my love among maidens.") This is illustrated by the big daffodil.Both paintings portray a declaration of love between the bridegroom and his bride, which is further depicted by bright colors.


These are all people who are living in Amsterdam Southeast, representing different cultures, ages and gender.All of them are God's pearls.


The flower represents the beauty of God's creation. So beautiful and so pure.


Based on a verse from the bible (John 15:1) in which Jesus says that He is the true vine.This is symbolized in portraying the cross as a branch.The grapes are of different colors by which the difference of the fruits is shown. They are connected to the vine, through which they produce true fruit.One hand belongs to a man, the other to a woman, which illustrates the need for one another.


It's the love of a father for his child and with a deeper meaning the love of the Heavenly Father for His children.

ALPHA AND OMEGA - It is finished!

This speaks of the complete message of the Bible. Jesus, who died for us, is the one to whom we can give all our sorrow, pain and sins. His hands are receiving hands.Most of all, it speaks of the deep meaning of His sacrifice: He is the King above all else, the Alpha and Omega (Revelations 1:8, 21:6, 22:13), who conquered the enemy.The scarf represents His majesty, the golden calf stands for every idol and the snake for evil.His majesty is also shown in the elements of the consuming fire, the lightning, the wind and the purple color in the sky.


This is the image of a bride who is almost ready for her bridegroom.The bride is beautiful, as can be determined by the different materials, which were used to make her dress, such as satin, tulle and lace.But though she is a feminine, lovely bride, she is also a strong, bold woman.The red shoe symbolizes her boldness as well as the fact that she will achieve her goal. (red symbolizes victory - through the blood of Jesus)


The cross is the rock on which the Bride (the Church of God as well as each one of us) stands. It's her foundation by which the victory is won. She's carrying a red flag (red as a symbol of the blood of Jesus and the crown which represents His royalty) as a token of this victory.The dove represents the Holy Spirit and also love (Song of Solomon).The snow on the mountain has 3 connotations: - refreshment - the glory of Jesus (Rev. 1:14) and the promise of God that His Word shall fulfill His will on earth (Isaiah 55:10,11).The painting also depicts the Trinity through the light of God, the dove as the Holy Spirit and the cross as Jesus.


This painting is based on a dream I had, in which I saw diamonds falling from heaven.These are God's treasures for us, both spiritually and materially.But the greatest and most beautiful one, is the one with the Lamb, Jesus.I've painted 7 diamonds, as symbols of perfection and as a token of God's richest gold dust that falls from heaven.The background represents jasper, which points to God.


Another work consisting of two paintings, this time based on Isaiah 42:3a ("...a bruises reed He will not break...")Many lives are like bruise reeds, where even the plumes point down.God's answer to the brokenness of man is the Lamb, Jesus, offered in love.The only thing man has to do, is receive Him.In the light of the Lamb the plume points upwards. The red background speaks of the blood of Jesus.


In this piece we see different aspects of the Bride of Jesus.The bride shows beauty and love through her beautiful veil as well as her posture. She also shows authority through the sword she receives. The sword transforms her into a warrior bride. The handle of the sword is imprinted with a picture of the Lion of Judah, the victor. She is also a regal bride. The emerald filled crown is given to her with love.



Sometimes it can look that we live in the rocks, or that in our lives there're area's that look like rocks.The little redbreast has the courage to make a decision to fly to the Light. That gives hope.Where the Light shines, is the place of love and joy.The love is depict by the pigeons, the mother sparrow feeding her child and the great tit looking to help with the feeding.


The Bride is almost ready for her Bridegroom.It's a picture of the Church, preparing for the second coming of Jesus, she's almost ready!


The eagle and the dove : two characteristics of God.The eagle: powerful, protective, sharp-minded and the King of the birds.The dove depicts God's Spirit and is symbol for love and peace.


In this piece, Jesus is crowned twice. On earth as the Lamb, who took upon Himself all humiliation for us. He received a scarlet robe and a crown of thorns and went to the cross for us. He gave His life so that "...the dimly burning wick will not be quenched." )Isaiah 42:3b). The wick represents our lives and the lamp with the small flame reflects this. But ultimately, He is the Lion of Judah, crowned with authority and glory (the purple color around the lion and the lightning from heaven) and He is also the Beloved (the Holy Spirit descending as a dove.


This painting is based on the scripture 1 John 1:7a ("...but if we walk in the Light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another...").That's depicted in the man and woman, looking at the Light (Jesus), as the light shines on them.The pillar is mentioned in Revelation 3:12a ("He who conquers, I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God; never shall he go out it...")The different (color) butterflies symbolize the variety and beauty of the fruit.The butterflies represent life and freedom for people. They are painted behind the couple's backs to illustrate what we leave God's path behind us as we travel. Sometimes we don't realize how beautiful the fruit is. Living in Light brings victory and fruit.


The painting shows three interpretations for the Bride.The first one is described in Revelation 21:9-21.It's the new Jerusalem that comes down from heaven as a golden city with a wall of jasper and 12 ground stones adorned with various gemstones.The bride symbolizes the two other interpretations: the individual and the Church.Jesus will commit to His Bride by giving her a ring as sign of His love (Luke 15:22b).The color pink means tender love, but also the light at daybreak.


It's the meal the bible talks about in psalm 23, who Jesus wants to have with us.He's inviting us and that's why the door is open.It's a wedding meal, but also communion is part of this feast.


We all have our talents, but we need each other to make this beautiful firework


Where the Spirit of God is, there is freedom.The butterflies are flying (representing freedom) in an upward direction, following the Spirit (dove).The variety of butterflies depicts the uniqueness of every person, each of us part of the colorfulcreation of God.This uniqueness can be best seen, when we follow Him.